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SEO Website Design

Our SEO Website Design process starts with a lot of questions.


Questions about your goals, strategy, identity, budget and scale:

  • How will your site be used? The internet is a data transfer medium. What kind of data will be included in your site? Product information, promotional material, database connectivity, credit card information and the size and composition of your intended audience can greatly impact the design of your site.
  • Is this a direct sales site, where the entire transaction will be handled online? Or, is your website an informational tool designed to enhance a face-to-face relationship with your customers?
  • How does your site work with your existing business model, including your corporate identity, and your information architecture? Are you starting from the ground up, or do you need seamless integration with existing systems? Are your existing systems compatible with internet integration?
  • What is your marketing strategy? What steps do you need to take in order to get your site to your intended google-ranking2audience? Different businesses will have very different needs and expectations from a web program. We will work with your existing infrastructure and your people in order to do everything possible to meet those needs and expectations.

Your representative will work with you to figure out what you’ll need and the options that would work best for you. Then he will walk you through all the steps of creating a dynamic web site for your company. We will take all your company’s information like brochures, business cards, pictures, graphics, product and service information and lay it out strategically on your site.

Say your manufacturer has a site with pictures and product descriptions that you need; we can make copies for your site. If you see a site that you would like to emulate, or there are certain aspects of a site that you would like to incorporate in yours, let us know and we’ll create something custom to include in your theme.

Once one of our experienced designers are assigned to your project, we will create a rough draft. You’ll be able to view you site on the internet and let us know what changes you would like to make. When we’ve made the corrections to your complete satisfaction, we will publish your dynamic web site for the whole world to see.

We offer different packages to help you get started. Once you get an idea of how everything works and what the internet can do for your company, we can make custom additions to your site.

Samples of our SEO website design: